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Landings – Fifth Review

The Fifth, and for now, most recent, review of Landings appeared on the High Window Press Website at the end of last year.

Sydney Whiteside completed her review by summarising: Landings gracefully articulates anxieties about the future, though these fears are balanced by an uncompromising sense of hopefulness. Williams grounds philosophical musings in brilliant, concrete detail. He evokes the history and topography of Portsmouth with confidence and honesty. The poems in Landings champion the power of memory, uniquely and powerfully reimagining the intricate city Williams calls home.

You can read the full review amongst the other Winter 2019 reviews here (including a few books I need to order myself!) here:

The High Window is a quarterly review of poetry which, for its first twelve issues was co-edited by David Cooke and Anthony Costello. It now continues under the sole editordship of David. Its aims are wide-ranging and non-partisan. It publishes work in English by new and established poets from The UK and around the world. Alongside a lively and eclectic mix of poetry, each new issue contains an editorial, a literary essay, a selection of poems in translation, poetry reviews and occasional features. You can subscribe (for free of course) here:

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