Tales of Woe and Wonder

A quick post to mention another T’Articulation event which I will be reading at. I have a four minute slot at their Tales of Woe and Wonder this evening, which is being held at the excellent Hunter Gatherer coffee in Southsea.

As it starts in about 6 hours, I had better work out what I am going to perform! I’ve been reviewing the new work I was going to use, but have identified numerous tweaks required for each poem so have to change my plans completely! Nothing like short-notice changes!!

Event information below.

An evening of well-crafted words brought to you, through vibrant new work, from Portsmouth’s own spoken word troupe – T’Articulation.

Come and enjoy the friendly vibe that is T’Articulation. This is the fortieth event we’ve put on in just two years: most of them, including this, are free.
We’re happy for you to just listen to our offerings, of poetry and prose, or to join in. We’ll do our best to fill your mind with wonder and try our best not to add to your woe. Either way, we think we’ll connect. We can’t guarantee no tears, but we’re certain some of them will be of laughter. Have you heard our most outrageous performers? Or, our funniest? They’re often one and the same.

You can book tickets via eventbrite, or just turn up this evening.


Oh and the hovercraft photo? I’ve found and tweaked a poem that I may well read tonight … it was originally in my 51 poem running sequence (currently unpublished)…and hasn’t appeared anywhere before – this is a website exclusive (!)

Hovercraft Watching

Look now here it comes;
Out from past shadows,
from an island half-sketched
part-buried in mist;
this comet trailing spray
on its cushion of air.

Now I am nine again,
staring in wonder
as it roars in from the sea,
White paint, black-skirted;
a sideswipe of red,
relentlessly arrowing home.

I rub my eyes dry,
pretend it is the spray.

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