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Some Days the Sky Is Brittle Clear

I’m very aware I haven’t written anything here for a few days. It’s a good job I don’t have many followers! A lot of writers seem to be finding these times inspiring from a creativity perspective. I’m not. I have managed to write a couple of haikus for a daily Facebook page – and am quite happy with one of them. I will post it and share others from the Daily Haiku page here as…

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Random Ramblings

On Holding Our Collective Breath

Up early this morning and managed to catch the sunrise. It’s important to find space, to find moments of peace, especially at times like these. Today’s weather is forecast to be glorious. And yet, and yet. Another 980 confirmed hospital deaths. Countless more in care homes and the wider community. A sycophantic media prioritising celebrating a “Good Friday” because our PM has survived over highlighting all the key workers dying for an entirely preventable lack…

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A Sea of Blue

In other circumstances I would be at Wembley today, along with another 50,000+ Portsmouth FC fans, for the final of the Leasing.com Trophy. Blue skies, a beautiful spring day, the stuff of memories (or nightmares depending on the result!). A real shame – though the stadium’s empty silence today is of course of minor consequence compared to what else is happening in the UK and around the world right now. I’ve been lucky though. If…

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