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I’ve been working flat out on my annual accounts for the past week – if nothing else it keeps my mind off what else is going on in the world. Now that these have pretty much been finished – seven months earlier than normal, I can start getting back to writing, submitting poems, and getting more involved with various poetry initiatives locally and elsewhere – ditto with photography. I’ll still be working on my side business – got to keep the top-up money coming in whilst furloughed from the day job, but at least it will me more forward looking rather than the retrospective compilation of spreadsheets and associated paperwork.

If you are vaguely interested the side business is at www.ecmsales.co.uk – at the moment the range of items on offer is reduced for obvious reasons, but it is still ticking over.

On the poetry front I have a poem appearing as one of this month’s open mike poems at Chichester Poetry, where I was the main reader a couple of months ago. You can read it here, along with some excellent contributions by other local poets, including Denise Bennett, who before Covid-19 was scheduled to headline. I look forward to the rearranged event when it happens!

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