Sailing the Lockdown

It can be a real challenge to write about something such as Covid-19. By write, I mean in the context of something that is publishable. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. There are times when I think I should be writing directly about our current situation, as if I have some kind of social duty to do so. Yet most of what I have written about Covid has been pretty marginal in terms of quality (and that’s…

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Poetry Random Ramblings

It’s Been a While

It’s been a while. In the time since I last posted I’ve started my new role as a social media specialist rather than a recruitment consultant. I’ve not really had time for poetry blogging – my focus has been in other areas. Not just getting a handle on the new job, but also working on my ECM Sales sideline business (www.ecmsales.co.uk if you want to find out more!). I haven’t had much time for writing.…

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