The Poetry Place

The next edition of The Poetry Place includes a recording of me reading my poem Pieces with accompanying music by award-winning and hugely talented composer Crispin Ward

It is being aired on West Wilts Radio . The show features readings by Nichola Deane and Charles Lauder Jr. who will bring Sherlock Holmes, Lorca, Einstein and, possibly, proof of a parallel universe into your afternoon at 3pm on Sunday April 24th – their new, regular time. Charles, who Pam Thompson says ‘is not afraid to delve beneath the surface of white masculinites, unearthing violence and toughness but vulnerability and tenderness also…’, and Nichola, who Katharine Towers says offers us ‘poems of darkness and delight – alive to sensation and feeling, and open to the urgency of beauty’, will be joined by an eclectic gathering of open mic-ers: Rosie Jackson, Pey Oh, Moira Andrew, Pratibha Veronica Castle, Ray Fussell, Eileen Anne Gordon,June Wentland, and myself

You can listen to the Poetry Place online at https://westwiltsradio.com/ on the day, or catch up from the following day at https://westwiltsradio.com/shows/the-poetry-place/ – and listen to a range of back episodes any Sunday, ‘live’, at 3pm.

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