Southsea Sunrise

Poems Page Update

I thought I’d start sharing some of my regular poetry page updates in a slightly different way.

When I add poems, I have just been putting them straight on the poems page. Which is fine when they have been shared here before. Especially those that have appeared more than once!

But from now on, I’ll add other poems to posts as well. Maybe with some description / commentary, to go with them.

Today’s poem, which first appeared on the Chichester Poetry website, is from a long sequence of poems I have written with the Portsmouth coastline as the central motif. I’ll probably self-publish it one day.

This one is set from the perspective of the view from Eastney beach towards Hayling Island.

Of course the title suggests that the poem may not be purely descriptive and may have a different meaning.

Erosion of Trust

A surf-wall of shingle,
sinuous waves now stilled,
lured into suspension.

Sun-blessed glass,
brilliant white buildings
to face off each tide.

Wave-caps collapsing,
this repeated call
always toils on through.

Harvested stone
will eventually yield;
and so with us, with us.

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