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Or not.

Penny Mordaunt, who I am lucky enough to have as my MP, has thrown her hat in the ring to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

This is someone who made the egregious claim that Turkey was about to join the EU, when less than a minute spent checking for evidence of this showed it to be completely untrue. She either knew it was a lie or couldn’t be bothered to do any basic research before her pronouncements. Either way, she still hasn’t apologised. Why should she? Truth and integrity aren’t for those who profess to lead this country at this time, and Mordaunt is no different from any of the other bunch of charlatans, grifters and liars who we have to suffer under.

I’ve seen nothing to change my opinion of her from this article I wrote in 2017


I’ve shared that article so many times in the past 5 years. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m a bit of a broken record in repeating this. But it goes to the heart of why Penny Mordaunt is not fit to be Prime Minister.

I think she’d actually be worse than Johnson. She is, for example, far more closely aligned to the right wing think-tanks in the US who want to dismantle what’s left of the UK. She will be far less gaffe-prone than the prat we’ve had to suffer from in the last 3 years, and has a surface sheen of professionalism which will go down well with mainstream media, particularly after Johnson’s calculated buffoonery.

Having said this, using an image of Jo Cox, plus film of that prominent women’s rights advocate, Oscar Pistorius, in her campaign launch video, isn’t exactly a great look. Maybe she isn’t quite as professional as she would like us to believe?

I do agree with part of her message though.

Our leadership has to change.

However, it’s probably best that we don’t go with someone who until now has not spoken out about the need for a different kind of politics and political leadership. Presumably she was happy with the way things were before or she wouldn’t have served under Johnson or would at the very least have resigned her ministerial post on principle once she got to understand what his kind of ‘leadership’ was like.

Ah yes, principles.

They only really apply to other people.

Unfortunately, whoever we get to replace Johnson will be equally complicit. Their actions and inactions in the face of what has been happening in Whitehall damn them as much as they discredit our soon to be ex Prime Minister. Hopefully they will get what they deserve at the next election – followed by criminal investigations where warranted.

Rant over.

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