Refugee Week – Portsmouth Event

A quick mention of an event happening in Portsmouth on June 24th. As with Sunday’s post, this information is lifted from a Facebook post. Looks like an excellent event, and for an important cause. Just helping to spread the word. This Iconic location within the heart of the city will be hosting a vibrant event of rappers, poets, musicians and much more exciting entertainment.  432-Nomads and Portsmouth City of Sanctuary will be taking you on…

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The Poets Challenging Myanmar’s Military

A powerful article in the Guardian today on the poets challenging Myanmar’s military https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/feb/23/is-the-world-listening-the-poets-challenging-myanmars-military In view of what is happening in that country at the moment, you should be aware that the article could well justify trigger warnings – as the poems shared include first hand commentary and accounts of what victims have experienced.

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