Two Gardens

Two new poems online in 48 hours … next up is a poem on the Pens of the Earth website – and also on Star & Crescent, the Portsmouth based independent news site – it’s one of a series of poems and prose pieces by local writers on the environment, but with a positive, hopeful outlook.

Mine isn’t exactly cheery, but there is hope.

There is always hope.

I hope you like it

Today I am Mainly Wearing Black

So tonight we leave the EU. Whilst this is a poetry blog, I don’t write in a bubble, so will occasionally write on other issues. I am deeply saddened by what has happened to the UK since 2016, and very concerned with what comes next. I am sad for the opportunities that I, and more pertinently the younger generations will no longer have due to the loss of freedom of movement. I am sad for the friends, and others, whose livelihoods have already been damaged, and for those whose lives have been impacted by the casual xenophobia and racism that has been unleashed by those who feel Brexit gives them the right to spout their poison wherever they want.

So today I am mainly wearing black. I would be more sanguine if Brexit was not the result, at least in part, of 40 years of unchecked lies printed in so many of our so-called newspapers, and of the politicians who have used this undercurrent of disinformation to enhance their careers, wallets or both. People should be held to account for this, but as usual, in the UK, as with most countries, if you are rich enough, or powerful enough, you can say and do pretty much what you want. It was always thus.

I wrote an article about my own MP’s actions in the original campaign – you can read it on the star and crescent website here – – it was staggering to discover so easily that her claim was a complete lie. More worrying to me was the complete absence of any proper journalistic investigation and subsequent impact on her political career for espousing such untruths. Is it any wonder we are where we are as a country?

The EU is far from perfect, but suffice to say, I am struggling to see any genuine upside at this time, particularly against the risks to our economy, environment, public services and societal well-being. I guess the next eleven months will determine if my fears are justified. I hope that they are not.

Landings – Second Review

The second review for my first poetry collection appeared on the Star & Crescent website, and previously the Portsmouth University Eldon Review.

Georgina Monk’s review was published in October 2018. It finished with the following summary; In Landings, Williams has created a new poetic map of Portsmouth based on a fascinating inner life lived in a city by the sea. You can read the review here:

Star and Crescent is a Portsmouth based award-winning local independent news website. Worth a look if you are interested in stories and opinions that for whatever reason don’t get picked up by more mainstream media.