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Landings – First Review

One reason for having this blog is to collect together any online references to my writing, including reviews – whilst I don’t have any particular expectation of making my fame and fortune from poetry it is nice to have somewhere to put them!

The first review I had for my first collection was by David Green – who I previously worked with as joint editor of an edition of South Magazine. His review appeared on his online blog a short time after the book’s official launch at the Square Tower in Portsmouth.

David was very kind to write a review so quickly and to be so positive in his review of Landings, Commenting that “One great advantage of publishing a first collection in one’s fifties is that there is still everything to select from so it comes as no surprise that Richard Williams’s first book doesn’t look like a debut and hits the ground very sure-footedly”.

If you are interested you can read it here:

I’ll post other reviews here, and will have a permanent page set up with reviews and links to my work. I’m sure that after a short while I’ll have everything up and this can then be a more rounded blog with less of a look at me sensibility!

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