Cley Hill

A Plug For Poetry Magazines

Like pretty much any other collection-published poet, I would have got nowhere without the existence of little press magazines. The vast majority of these are run by volunteers without any external funding. If you are passionate about poetry, one thing I recommend doing is subscribing to a magazine or two. Whilst many are available online, there are plenty still in print, publishing a wide variety of work by writers who may or may not one day become famous

There used to be a regularly updated online resource at , which was a great site to use when researching magazines that might be a good style fit for sending out one’s own poems. It’s still up but only as a read-only site. I don’t think the search facility works, but I know that some of my old poems are there – as are early pieces by writers whose poetry career has been far more successful.

I did find one that appeared in Frogmore Papers issue 66, back in 2005, it didn’t appear in my first collection, and I’m pretty certain won’t appear in a future one, but if interested you can read On Cley Hill here:

FYI Cley Hill is a NT hill site with the remains of an Iron Age fort just outside Warminster in Wiltshire. I used to go there a lot as a kid. Haven’t been for years, but it’s a lovely walk with stunning views across Somerset and across to Salisbury Plain on the Wiltshire side. I must visit again one day. More info here.

I haven’t taken photos of the hill myself, so for now I am using this one by by Phil Williams, from Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.0,

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