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Day Job Distractions

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Like many before me, and many, many more to follow, my period in furlough was ended by notice of impending redundancy. Poetry doesn’t pay the bills, and I had to devote a lot of time to a) searching for a new role and b) building my sideline art , photography & sporting memorabilia business to cover some of my ongoing bills.

Happily (for me) , I have managed to secure a new part-time contract role developing my former employer’s online presence. I’m really looking forward to starting the new challenge.

Maybe I’ll be able to use what I learn there to increase my followers on this site, though judging by the amount of spam I am now getting, visibility levels are improving significantly, even without my posting anything for a couple of weeks.

I also haven’t been writing much in the way of poetry – my focus has been elsewhere for obvious reasons. I have managed to make a few submissions though (one polite and encouraging rejection so far – the others should be along soon!).

One piece of poetical success was appearing in this year’s Poetry & All that Jazz magazine, which is linked to Chichester Festival (online this year of course). It’s an excellent magazine, with work by writers such as Louis de Bernieres, Mario Petrucci, Maggie Sawkins and many others. Definitely worth getting a copy if you still can.

I’ll post the poem here at some point.

Have a good weekend.

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