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Three Films

During the first lockdown, I made some very basic poetry films. These were in response to a couple of requests for material for online events.

The three poems are;

The Transmutation of Geese, Metamorphosis in a Copnor Garden & The Domestication of Ghosts

The first and third poems have previously been published, in South and Orbis magazines respectively, and subsequently appear in my first collection, Landings (published by Dempsey & Windle Publishing in 2018). The second poem, (and film), was a direct response to the lockdown itself.

If you are interested in watching them, they can be viewed as one continuous video here;

Don’t worry – I’m only speaking to camera in the second poem – the first and third poems have still images as the visual element. In the first poem ( The Transmutation of Geese) these are photographs I took whilst running around the perimeter of Portsmouth training for marathons, and the final poem (The Domestication of Ghosts) has images selected from Wikimedia Commons under (I believe) the appropriate usage license. Feel free to contact me here if you are the license holder and I have made a mistake in this respect.

If you do watch them, please let me know your thoughts – good or bad. The feedback would be useful- even though I don’t currently plan to create more poetry films – I think I’ll leave it to the professionals! If you want to see the difference that a talented filmmaker can make, see my earlier posts about the films created for my Swordfish and Of Whales and Mermaids poems.

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