A new poem that may well have a new title every few months or so….


We both inhale
and exhale the same air
feel cold in our fingertips
warmth on our backs
see the world with similar eyes
(though my sight is apparently shorter)

So why the fuck do you still vote Tory?

NB. 12032 people voted Conservative at the North Shropshire by-election

It’s not just Johnson. I loathe the whole gang of grifting scumbags. If you truly, genuinely, think they are doing a good job and are acting in the country’s best interests then you need to read up on what their plans are, and the laws that are currently going through the Houses of Parliament.

This is not about their illicit parties. Though these are vile enough when so many others have suffered so much.

This is not about Brexit. Though so much has been destroyed for so little on that particular altar of hubris.

This is not about corruption. Though we’ve had more than our fill of dodgy deals for party donors and friends of the the Conservative party through the so-called VIP Lane.

If / when Johnson goes, another narcissistic sociopath will be along soon enough to replace him. The laws he has enabled will continue to be pushed through parliament. And we will all be diminished because of it.

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