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Happy New Year 2023

I’ve not posted anything here since November.

It’s been a pretty quiet year poetry wise – a lot of my focus has been spent on my day job in recruitment. I changed companies in October 2021, and then managed to secure a major contract recruiting technical support people for a start-up consultancy with operations in San Francisco, Singapore and Amsterdam.

Lots of evening calls, early starts and work which took me away from poetry, whether that be reading or writing. Hence the sporadic nature of posts here. But it’s what pays the bills, and ultimately, the way the country is right now, then that has had to be my focus.

If you’re reading this (congratulations on staying the course!) I am planning on posting more regularly in 2023. I just need to be more organised. More book reviews, general posts and new (and old) poems. I paid for 3 years’ hosting, so I may as well use it!

I’m also potentially going to be involved in a new and pretty exciting project. Watch this space…

In the meantime, happy new year. I hope 2023 brings you the peace and joy that you deserve.

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