T’Articulation Poetry & Prose Writing Competition

Another competition for you to consider entering…

T’Articulation Poetry & Prose Writing Competition, 2023

The competition is based on two possible prompts from William Blake’s poem, Night as inspiration:

1) ‘Walking round the fold’

2) ‘Our immortal day’

Competition first place winners for each prompt will be included in a beautifully illustrated hardback, clothbound anthology – alongside pieces from seasoned and professional writers from T’Articulation and the wider Portsmouth, UK writing community, using other line prompts from the poem. (Full list of prizes below.)

£5 each entry, or two for £8 (three for £13, four for £16, etc.).

Deadline: 11.59 pm, April 30th, 2023

Each entry should focus on only one of the prompts and must not use other lines from the poem. It does not need to be Blakean in style or allude to Blake in any way. We are looking for diverse voices from any genre or form – something that stands out.

Anyone, except those of us from T’Articulation’s facilitation committee, can enter (and as many times as they choose) – even if they already have work accepted for the Night-Lines anthology.

Responses can be either poetry (max 40 lines) or prose (max 1,000 words)

Limits exclude the title. The title cannot be the quote prompt or anything near to it, due to anticipated page layouts. The prompt may be included in italics within the piece but doesn’t have to be.

Payment, as above, should be made to the PayPal account: mandarama@yahoo.com and a note taken of the unique transaction number.

Each submission should then be sent as an attachment to: nightlinescompetition@yahoo.com

The email subject line should state the title of the piece and the last five digits from the Paypal transaction described above, and nothing more. These details should be repeated in the main body of the email, along with your contact details. If you are submitting two or more pieces, each will need its own email but the transaction number for the pieces can be repeated.

Submitted manuscripts should have their title at the top of each page (best to use the header facility), with the last five digits from the Paypal transaction copied to the top right of the page. The prompt being responded to should be identified beneath the title and before the work begins. If more than one page, page numbers should be inserted at the bottom left.

Entrants must not add their names to the manuscript.

An independent agent will keep a log of the titles, transaction numbers and contact details so adjudications can be married up to the authors once the process is complete.

There will be:

One first place winner per prompt, which could be either poetry or prose.

Ten shortlisted manuscripts, made up of five for each prompt.q

First placed author pieces will be published in the anthology, due out in November 2023; be celebrated in T’Articulation’s dedicated blogs (we may ask to interview you); be given detailed feedback and receive a hand-coloured copy of the book, a bookmark and a limited-edition collection of illustration artwork postcards. Value over £100, over and above publication.

The next two places for each prompt: will be published on T’Articulation’s two blogs, given detailed feedback, a monochrome copy of the anthology and a bookmark. Value £40-£50.

4th and 5th places for each prompt, will be published on blogs.

The anthology will conform to T’Articulation’s agreed house style for form, font, layout and design purposes. Winning manuscripts may, therefore, be adapted to these by the editors at the point of compilation. Any further adjustment to word choice or content, for whatever reason, will be via negotiation with the author. All entries are to be made on this understanding.

All rights revert to the first-place authors twelve months after the volume is published. For other places, all rights revert back to the author twelve months after publication on T’Articulation’s blogs.

The judges decisions will be final, with no discussion entered into – as is standard practice.

No amendments to work can be undertaken once work is submitted. The prizes will remain as stated with no cash alternatives.

Many thanks,

The T’Articulation Facilitation Team

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