Refugee Week – Portsmouth Event

A quick mention of an event happening in Portsmouth on June 24th. As with Sunday’s post, this information is lifted from a Facebook post. Looks like an excellent event, and for an important cause.

Just helping to spread the word.

This Iconic location within the heart of the city will be hosting a vibrant event of rappers, poets, musicians and much more exciting entertainment. 

432-Nomads and Portsmouth City of Sanctuary will be taking you on a journey as part of this years Refugee Week. An eclectic collective of local artist from all walks of life (from those that are Pompey born and bred to the one’s here making a new life), performances from schools and community groups.

Bringing you, vibrant and expressive art, music, dance, poetry and more. Showcasing the talent within Portsmouth city for all to enjoy.

This years refugee week will highlight the vibrant communities integrating and coming together in solidarity with refugees highlighting this years theme of COMPASSION!

To believe in ourselves we must believe in others.

Tickets via Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/compassions-art-tickets-643326947217?fbclid=IwAR0LNTIm6VVBVQ_-24f3B2gelL5U3u9L7nEYeflv56m5UkrZPUytlZGY5Z8

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