From My Poetry Bookshelf – The Dredging of Rituals – Louise Mather

I’m starting up my occasional book & pamphlet review posts again after an absence of over a year. As before, these will all be of books that I have copies of on my poetry bookshelf. They aren’t always going to be straightforward reviews – I may use them as a springboard towards other subjects or commentary on the authors’ work elsewhere. First up this time is Louise Mather’s The Dredging of Rituals, published through Amazon,…

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Poetry Random Ramblings

From my Poetry Bookshelf – Saturday, 3PM – Daniel Gray

It’s 7.40 PM and I haven’t posted anything today. Family around and football on the TV. Lots of work to do on my side business – I have a licence to sell UEFA final memorabilia on eBay , Amazon and my own website. It’s not as profitable as you’d think, but it does help with the general finances. A little. So an opportunity to mention Daniel Gray’s prose books about football. Full of nostalgia and…

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